Lay Counseling.

The Lay Counseling Ministry at First Baptist Church of Lodi exists to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of the people in our congregation and in the Greater Lodi Area, and to fulfill our call to “bear one another’s burdens” and to “love one another as Christ loves us”

Our Team

Our Lay Counseling Team consists of men and women of a wide range of ages. Each counselor has completed intense training with Dr. Cindi Telander, a licensed Clinical Psychologist, specializing in the training and equipping of lay counselors. Our counselors are trained in listening, clarifying, and assisting in goal setting, while offering a biblical approach to counseling and caring, all in a strictly confidential manner.  

Our counselors are unpaid and volunteer in this ministry service. The Lay Counseling Ministry is under the staff leadership of Pastor Glen Barnes.

The Lay Counseling program aims to provide:

  • Connection and acceptance on a one-to-one basis for those who may need someone to talk to, all in a confidential setting for up to 10 sessions. 
  • Encouragement and supportive help for those who may be facing difficult issues in life or emotional/spiritual problems.
  • Guidance and growth experiences for those who may be searching for practical ways to grow spiritually and mature as people.
  • Referrals to professional or appropriate agencies for those who seek or need further assistance.
Counseling is by appointment only. Please call (209) 224-4917 to speak with our Counseling Coordinator about setting up an appointment. You may also fill out the form below to begin your Lay Counseling journey with us.  

To Cancel or Change an appointment please call the same number (209) 224-4917

Lay counseling form

Please fill out the form to the best or your ability and our Counseling Coordinator will reach out to you about setting up an appointment.

*FBC Lay Counseling functions on a voluntary basis, and should not be considered a professional counseling service.