A Service Ministry at First Baptist Lodi
HELPING HANDS is a ministry focused on assisting Widows, Widowers, Seniors and Single Moms of First Baptist Church.


Our desire and mission is to express love by caring for the widows, widowers and seniors of our church family, by lending a helping hand where needed. (James 1:27) This ministry will provide a means for the family of First Baptist Church to express the love of Christ through compassionate service.

Many skilled and talented members of our church have volunteered to serve in the Helping Hands ministry and we are all very excited and humbled that you would call and allow us to serve you! If you find that you could use some help with home maintenance, cleaning, automobile troubles or a project you could just use a little help with, then we are here for you.

Some of the Projects We can Help you with include, but are not limited too.

  • Replace light bulbs or A/C Filters
  • Changing batteries in smoke detectors and other devices
  • Caulking around sinks, tubs, and windows
  • Transportation to medical appointments if you are unable to drive
  • Hooking up appliances and electrical devices
  • Repairing light fixtures and fans
  • Cleaning out gutters
  • Help with organizing
  • Touch up painting or small rooms
  • Helping to unclog a drain
  • Electronic Devices - Computer problems, hooking up TV's
  • Rearranging furniture
  • Some housekeeping
  • Cleaning and maintenance of vehicles
  • Providing a meal or two following a medical procedure
  • Washing windows
  • Tasks that require a ladder
The helping Hands ministry is currently focused on meeting the needs of our immediate church family. Each request we receive will be evaluated to determine if it’s something that one of our Helping Hands volunteers can do. If it is beyond our skill level, we will do our best to recommend a reputable service provider and follow up to ensure you have received the help you need.

We have set up an on-call service that will take calls for the Helping Hands ministry 24/7. You can call anytime and provide your name, phone number and service you need help with. A short time after that you will be contacted by a Helping Hands coordinator who will ask some questions to determine how we can best help you. The Helping Hands coordinator will also ask what times you will be available and then choose the best volunteers to lend a helping hand. Soon after that you will be contacted by the volunteer to schedule a time/date to meet you at your home.

The Helping Hands on-call phone number is 855-404-7962.

PLEASE NOTE: Material cost will be your responsibility and the labor will be provided by our volunteers.


HELPING HANDS is a ministry focused on assisting Widows, Widowers, Seniors and Single Moms.
Please select all that applies to your gifting & ability:

Background Checks

For the safety of our seniors, all volunteers will need to fill out and complete a background check. So please take a moment click the link below and fill out your background check today.