Family Promise

of San Joaquin County

About The Family Promise Program
FPSJC offers shelter and support for local families experiencing homelessness. As a small, family-focused program, we help parents meet their housing goals while keeping kids’ safety and well-being a top priority. At the Day Center in Stockton, we offer multiple family living rooms, a shared play room, a nursery room, and after school activities.

Family Promise at First

Serving families experience homelessness right here on our church campus.

We have partnered with Family Promise of San Joaquin County to become part of a tangible way to help families in need. For two weeks, twice a year, First Baptist becomes the "home" of a few families in need. This means we will host families for two weeks on campus and provide them a comfortable atmosphere that feels like time. What does it entail? Helping with cooking meals, serving, driving the family to and from the day center, and being on campus to assist the family if they need anything.

Don't hesitate to fill out the form below and become part of the Family Promise team here at First. If you have any questions please contact the church office at 209-334-1332 or Pastor Steve via email at

Join the Family Promise team at First

Join in on being the hands and feet to help shelter families here at First. Please fill out the form below to begin the process of serving.

Background Check FAQs

Family Promise of San Joaquin County

Q: Who is required to have background checks?

A: Any volunteer who may be in a setting that either puts them with families or children without other volunteers present. This includes, but is not limited too, van drivers and overnight volunteers.  In addition, we recommend that you consider having all your coordinators complete the background check.  This way if a coordinator ever needs to step into a role, they can be ready.

Q: Is there a cost for the background checks?

A: Yes, the cost is $15.50 per background check. To defray the cost to the affiliate we are offering several options below. Donations covering the costs help us ensure our expenses are kept to a minimum and focused on our guest families.

Option 1: The volunteer is willing to directly cover the cost of the background check. Click Here
Option 2: The volunteer needs the affiliate to cover the cost. Click Here

Q: Is there anything our volunteers need to be aware of before they log on for their background check?

A: Yes, it will be helpful if you can let volunteers know that the website for the tests requires them to scroll through a lot of fine print before arriving at the place to enter their information.  The fine print gives disclosures about things the company may check for, including credit checks. Please reassure your volunteers that Family Promise is NOT running anything on credit checks.  The background checks only cover: Criminal/Traffic/infractions records, sex offender registry, and a social security trace to verify address.

Q: How will people’s personal information be protected?

A: The report is stored in the MRI company software website for 1 year. It does not give Family Promise the social security number, however, there is some sensitive information (name, address, email, phone) included with the report. The Executive Director is the only one who has access to the report and neither paper nor digital copies of the report will be stored by Family Promise SJC.

Q: How will we know if there is a problem with one of our volunteer’s background checks?

A: Any volunteer who generates a background check indicating a problem will be directly contacted by the Executive Director. If there is an issue with a specific volunteer, the coordinator will be notified, but the nature of the problem will not be shared.

Q: If our congregation already requires a background check, do our volunteers still need to do the affiliate background check?

A: We do not require an additional background check as long as the congregation has a cleared check (background checks from other agencies that the affiliate or the congregation cannot confirm are not accepted – ex: through school district, etc.